• New bike big jump up from Deauville but great fun

    New bike, big jump up from Deauville but great fun.

    • I can imagine... welcome !

    • Phil, similar bike to mine. Love it when you open her up in top, she just goes like a rocket. Please could you tell me if you have any issues with vibration?

    • So far smooth as silk with no vibration issues.

    • Nice bike, same as mine! Which model?

    • Lasse, the CBF1000FA or Mark2.

    • I jumped from a varadero 125 to the Cbf 1000 , that's a big jump

    • The bike would be nigh on perfect, if not for some vibration issues. Still, had to be a reason why I got it so cheap & an interesting problem to resolve.

    • Let us know when u get to the bottom of vibration prob mick ,

    • Will do Duggie.

    • you won't regret it... ;-)