• New Crush washer spinner gasket and lock tight threadlock compound on first oil...

    New Crush washer, spinner gasket and lock tight/threadlock compound on first oil change necessary?

    • I've never done any of that, people are way too sensitive when it comes to these things. Like really you want me to change my oil every 5 fill ups? Gtfoh that's like every three weeks.

    • So no new crusher and gasket

    • Only did lock tight on the spinner bolts and put abit of sealant on the gaskets

    • Ok so I'll get lock tight, just sealant not new gaskets then. It's the crush bolt I'm more on the rocks about

    • Only did a fine layer of sealent around the gaskets as they where in decent condition. Small amout of lock tight on the bolts. The drain bolt doesnt have what i class as a proper crush washer. Just a thick copper one, reuse them everyday without any problem mate really wouldnt worry about it

    • Thanks that's all I need to know, just need some lock tight haha

    • Case gasket and spinner gasket was $10. My filter mesh was packed full of gasket material at my 600 mile mark but the spinner was almost clean. At 2000 miles, the spinner was packed with goo.

    • Dont need loads and they arent torqued up that tight so dont go mad on the bolts. Was alright for me work in a garage so have all the stuff lying around

    • So your saying get gaskets