• New custom headlight made. steel. painted and installed

    New custom headlight made (steel), painted and installed.

    • Very Nice

    • Damn yo

    • I Need to get that rad cover. Sick bike btw.

    • Thanks

    • Where did you get the cover?

    • It's a Honda accessory, I actually got it from one of the guys on this site and had it shipped to Oz

    • If yu ever have time could you look inside the cover there is a oem number please. I can't find anything about it.

    • I'm happy how it's going, I had a local mural / airbrush chick color match and spray the radiator shroud and light aswell as underneath the guards. Took a while go find someone that would do it, the rest of the paint is 5 years old - candy, metlaic with a dash of pearl.

    • Nice looking scoot, buddy!

    • Thank you