New parts came in today cant do the oil change till next pay check tho anyone...


New parts came in today cant do the oil change till next pay check tho, anyone have any recommendations on what oil to run? i have a 94 vt600.

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  • Im interested to see everyones take on this as well. Was gonna go synthetic on the next one ?

  • Everyone's got their opinion on what oil to run but, personally I run Mobil1 15w50 in my '06 VLX.

  • be sure to get a new crush washer when changing the oil filter and oil or else you can run into issues. Always worth the extra dollar!

  • Where can i get one, i dont mind spending the extra buck on something thats worth it, that's why i didn't buy some Chinese no name clutch and brake levers

  • Brandon Coker any dealer. also you can get them via the internet. Its the washer on the end of the bolt you remove to drain the oil. They are not very strong and they tend to bend aand warp easy causing oil leaks. I bought a few at the honda dealer last time to always have them n hand....they were between .75 cents and a dollor each

  • Poppa Guthrie so I do apologize and understand why you said what you did...but i had corrected myself right at the very moment I posted

  • Poppa Guthrie I also deleted mine.

  • Do i need to run a special kind of oil?

  • Brandon Coker thats a personal choice...I wanted to go full synthetic but I had a few mechanice advise me against it....sais its not worth the extra cost of you change it when you should and once you go synthetic you can go back to regular oil. I cant say if their advise was right or wrong....but i stick with oil that Honda makes and get that via the dealer as well.

  • Can i run car oil?

  • Or no?

  • Amsoil!!

  • Brandon Coker 20W50 is motorcycle weight

  • No.

  • You can but you might not like the outcome. Motorcycle

  • 4 stroke oil also

  • The only oil you should NOT use is any listed on the bottle's label as "Energy Conserving". Which pretty much rules out anything 10w30. Energy Conserving motor oils contain additives that can/will cause a wet clutch to slip, more than likely permanently. Other than that you can safely run any automotive motor oil dino or synthetic in a motorcycle. The main reason I went with synthetic is, motor oil is not really formulated to lubricate gears. The constant meshing of the gears in a motorcycle's transmission breaks down the additives than give an oil it's viscosity rating. A synthetic oil retains it's rated viscosity longer than dino oil from everything I've read. I found about all this information on bobstheoilguy, and a couple of other places. Great website.

  • My bike never had a washer on it when I got it. So I've never put a washer on it. Haven't had a problem with a leak yet. Weird

  • My Dad used to ride. I got talking to him about oil changes, how much and brand of oil. He told me he always used car oil? He said never had a problem. Of course last time he rode was late 80's early 90. So what would be the problem if you didn't use motorcycle rated oil?

  • I Would also like to know

  • My 91 manual says 10w40...

  • Is there a motorcycle dealership in your area?

  • I would ask the person who you bought the bike from what oil they used. If it was conventional or synthetic. Brand of oil doesn't matter just use Motorcycle Rated oil to be on the safe side