• New question for the group On a car with the engine running you can disconnect...

    New question for the group. On a car, with the engine running, you can disconnect the battery and the engine will continue to run. Does the same thing happen on a bike? I have a 2002 Aero 1100. If I disconnect the battery, the engine dies. I can charge the battery on the weekend and by Thursday or Friday, the battery acts like it is dead. I think my stator has bit the dust. Battery is 8 months old.

    • As far as a car is concerned, there are many cars you cannot have running with the battery disconnected. On your bike, I believe you're right with the stator being bad. I would have it tested to be sure. Charge up your battery and take it to a local shop.

    • I can run my 99 1100 without a battery.

    • Put a multi meter on the battery and see what the voltage is hen it running in neutral should be 13 -14 volts 12.6 is voltage on a full charged battery if it's only putting out around 12 volts you may have a charging problem

    • The battery acts as a buffer for the charging system. It may run without one but can do damage to the fuel pump relay, fuel pump or the rest of the electrical system do to fluctuating voltage. If you have a multimeter, Doug hit it on the head with testing for voltage. Dirty terminals can also rob voltage.

    • Don't try to run without a battery! It can fry your CDI. Just because a battery isn't very old or even brand new off the shelf, it can be bad. I've had two in a row that read 13 volts but, as soon as you put a load on them they dropped to about 7 volts and would not start the bike. Spent several days testing circuits before finding out they were bad batteries.

    • My battery has been on a trickle charger for most of the day. Still reads 11 volts. Looks like my 8 month old battery is bad.

    • Keep in mind a trickle charger is just that, power trickles in very slowly. If it was absolutely dead that still may not be the problem.

    • If I remember correctly, disconnecting the battery while running will fry some diodes in the charging system somewhere.. I'm pretty sure that was on the 1100 Aero ( I have a couple diffrent bikes).

    • I only did it once for a minute to see if it worked. Otherwise, I had to use a dead/dying battery in it. Pop started it, went on my way. That is, until I finally got my hands on a good battery.