• New rider. 6 months. what s up with all this Honda hate from HD riders

    New rider (6 months) what's up with all this Honda hate from HD riders...?

    • I bought a 96 honda shadow 1100 ace with all the mods i wanted for $1400. My boss bought a new Electra glide for 54,000 with in a month of me getting my bike.

      He loves to talk shit but. My bike is faster (maybe its the rider).

      My bike fits better, rides better, better on fuel and is a fraction of his maintence.

      He can talk all the shit he wants, I'll keep beating in the straights and the turns

    • I would rather ride than wonder -what the F is leaking now?!

    • Where did you get that so they can take my money

    • Unfortunately, not available yet. It's a picture from another group. I'll post the group link but the member's merchandise store is being revamped. New merchandise and details about an annual group meetup are in the works. All you need to join is a picture of your shadow on your page for verification.

      https://m.facebook.com/groups/ 234011956791805?ref=bookmarks

    • Thank you ma'am

    • I paid $1995 for a '03 vt750cdc Shadow w/ 7402mi and all kinds of upgrades from a HD dealership 'because we don't sell Hondas'. Their loss, my gain :)

    • I ride with Harley owners all the time. Not all of them are like that. Even they say Honda's are more dependable, less expensive to own and operate. Mine does look like a Harley. They call it my Honda-Davidson.

    • I ride with friends that have Harley's. It has never been an issue. Some just are amazed how close it sounds to a Harley, but it's not.

    • I rode a Harley dyna for 10 yrs. I never had a problem with my bike. I customized the entire bike and could only sell it for $6000, alot if money into that bike. I took a break from riding last summer and missed it but did not want to go HD again due to everything being so expensive. My 1st bike was a honda shadow 600 it was so fun and so light and so inexpensive!!! So instead of dumping thousands again I bought another honda shadow aero 750. 120 lbs less than my Harley and $1000s less in price. All my HD friends are happy for me just bcuz I'm out there riding again. Just a couple have given me shit "how can you go from hd to honda?" I said "watch me and watch my wallet grow!!!" I honestly do believe that all types of bikes are more accepted today than ever, as long as your out there with your friends in the wind.

    • My new bike...and ppl say it looks like a Harley!

    • Love it!!!!

    • Very nice

    • Thank you I'm so excited. If it ever warms up in MA!!!!

    • Right?? It's been colder than Alaska the last two days in South Alabama...way South

    • Omg terrible!!!! We need warmth!!!

    • I second that motion

    • My next patch

    • Bring the spring already!

    • Because their are two types of Harley riders. Hard ass real bikers and fake ass poser bikers. The real ones will hate on you because of their "frat-boy" mentality and the fake ones will because their bike costs more. Simple as that lol --- PLUS! Jap bikes are just easy to hate on. Half of my family rides Harleys and I talk just as much shit about their "2 wheel'd mortgage" as much as they do about my "jap-crap." It just is what it is.

    • Its friendly rivalry. Not so much hate. After all we would ride with harley guys right. I would.

    • i said if you are blind a shadow looks like harley if you are deaf the shadow sounds like harley . now i say the water cooled harley 600 i think called sport looks like shadow I WAVE EVEN TO THE SCOOTERS BECAUSE THAT IS HOW I GOT STARTED

    • I agree with the wave shouldn't matter the make. A riders a rider. Stick together and help out whenever called upon.