New rider and first time bike owner. How do I wash my bike


New rider and first time bike owner. How do I wash my bike?

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  • Car Lovers works for me too

  • I use the old lady...

  • Put on your rain gear a ride thru a touch less car wash just go real slow thru the dryer.lmfao

  • I have a local filipino that will wash, wax and detail my bike with a toothbrush. Takes him about four hours and it is immaculate when he is done. He charges 1 dollar, so I'm rarely the one to wash my bike....hahaha

  • In the yard with a doobie and a ice tea.....

  • I wanna ask about what safety precautions should I take while or after washing the bike with water and soap? Anything related to the bike itself, the engine, or the electric connections? I'm a new rider too

  • Keep the seat on, if your bike has an open air box under the seat and don't stick the hose in the gas tank ;-) That's about it ;-)

  • The hubby!

  • I always keep the bike running when I wash mine.and don't go nuts with the hose around the wires and air intake

  • I hope you give him a healthy tip!

  • If rain and splashing water can get to it while riding there should be no problems. If something is so well protected that water cannot get to it under those normal situations and you do get water there, there may be problems. One example would be inside the gas tank! Another would be inside a light fixture.