• New to the group. Here s a pic of my Red Baron

    New to the group. Here's a pic of my Red Baron!

    • Aluminum?

    • Nice who did that setup?

    • Mild steel. The guy who built it lives out in Murrieta, Ca. He's no longer doing it anymore due to his health.

    • Name Dave? I'm friends with his son.

    • Yup. Dave Hendrickson. Been trying to get a hold of him. Hope he is ok..

    • He was doing better back in September I think. It's been a while

    • I have Dave's set up too on my Pilot. I love it! Stock motor?

    • What kind of shocks did they use on that pilot

    • Stock except for the essentials: power pros rev pipe, pilot cool head, 39pwk, air mod on box with prefilter, powerbloc clutch.

    • The front has fox zero-x shocks. They were used for snowmobiles. Fox discontinued them but they can still be bought from country cat in Minnesota. The rear are fox 2.0 coilovers. The key to the rear is completely revalving the shocks and putting the right springs. The shock can be used on trophy truck but putting them on a little buggy that weighs 700lb, revalving has to be done or it will be horribly stiff.

    • That's what everyone says about the kits made by atv Racing is that they are so stiff maybe they just need some shock work

    • That's really what it is. The guy who built my LT kit pretty much knocked off atv's setup but the valving is the key to these kits. I think atv still use axis shocks which, from what I've heard, axis are really good shocks. They just need to be tuned for their application.