• New to this group Rebuilding a Honda XL500R and I ve downloaded a manual from...

    New to this group! Rebuilding a Honda XL500R and I've downloaded a manual from some Italian site, but it seems it's missing the important info like wear limits, etc. Does anybody by any chance have a digital Clymers / Haynes / ..? Thanks!

    • What you wanted is a service manual...not a owner manual

    • Indeed, which is what I have, but it refers to "section 5", while there is none..

    • Stupid me.. http://www.hondaxl.it/manuali. htm I only download the XL500R section, apparantly these things also have a "general section" for all the XL's..

    • Eventually no free copy for XL500R.....some are listed at ebay

    • It's ok! Honda's don't wear out!!!!