New to this group was looking at buying a ice bear fuerza Was wondering if it...

New to this group, was looking at buying a ice bear fuerza. Was wondering if it's worth getting instead of a honda grom. Also would like to know about the location of the clutch. In all the videos I see they hold down the right side lever, so is the clutch on the right?

  • Right side should be front brake and left clutch... Well I hope it is cause I'm considering getting one as well. I do know its not your conventional Neutral between 1st and second gear. Its neutral all the way up and 4 down... Which in my opinion is retarded. One reason I'm on the fence about the bike.

  • When ready to purchase give us a call, we will drop it at your front door.

  • They did the transmission pattern that way so people would adapt to shifting easier. Most people are coming off fully automatic scooter to the Fuerza.

  • Alan Adams how does a semi automatic work..saw that powermaxsports has a clone looking grom with one but it has a shifter and a right foot brake... So I'm assuming the left hand lever is a clutch... Just don't understand how a semi automatic works.

  • Semi auto is manual shift transmission with no clutch. I haven't seen the bike you mentioned.

  • I'll post it

  • Well says out of stock now lol... But it has a left lever and a shifter but claims to be semi auto. Reason its confusing me is it has a right lever and a right side foot brake for rear.. They have it all messed up I believe.

  • Shayne Mason It has a clutch also. Check the blue picture it clearly shows the clutch arm on the motor. Check the company reviews out. That should help with your choice of where to purchase.

  • I hear ya. I doubt I'll get that version.