Newbie needs advice


Newbie needs advice:

Picture is a mock-up of a sissy bar/rack combo I'm adding. The sissy bar in the picture is a temporary stand-in until my custom bar is ready. I'm keeping the saddlebag supports and thinking of keeping the double luggage racks but when I receive my sissy bar I'm gonna either powder coat or paint it black. I'm not liking the amount of chrome on the rear end so I wanna black out some chrome hardware.

My question:

What kinda prep work do I need to do before I paint & is there any particular type of paint should I be using. I was perusing the local hardware store and saw some rust-resistant paint among various other types. I'm in the Pacific Northwest where it rains about 300 days a year so I was wondering if that rust resistant paint should be the way to go.

Any advice would be great.

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  • Chrome is very hard to paint can be done but it doesnt like it. You are supposed to chemically strip the chrome off. BUT some people have had some luck with just scuffing off ALL the shine and painting over it. I am not sure how long that method would last over time but you can give it a shot. Ultimately Powder Coating would be the best bet... or you can try using Plasti-Dip (which is a rubberized and removable paint - check your youtube for examples) to see if you like the "darker" look before committing permanently

  • painting over chrome = lots of sanding & epoxy primer OR etching primer

  • Plastic dip spray paint. No prep just do 6 light coats and they make a gloss clear if you want it shinny.

  • Is that the "double rack" in front of the "sissy bar"?

  • Nice bike

  • One rack in front of the sissy bar, one in back. I have a tank bag that is pretty big, I'm gonna use it as a tail bag; so unless I'm on a long road trip I don't think I'll need saddlebags. The custom sissy bar that's coming will sit about 30-40" high depending on how I can mount it when it gets here. I'll be able to strap enough stuff back there that hopefully this summer my car will sit 24/7 until the sky starts dropping buckets of rain in October.

  • Thanks. Just got her in June.