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Evening all, how are we?

This evenings topic - gasket sets & carb rebuild kits

Anyone able to recomend good quality and fitting gasket sets? (complete rebuild set)

And the same for carb rebuild kits?

I have seen the following carb kit, price is fine but it doesn't actually state what is included in the kit... does a 'complete' kit insclude float? Probably not?...

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  • just buy a brand new carb

  • I slapped a Chinese carb on my xl125rc and it now starts and runs fine , cheaper than a repair kit .

  • Interesting. I've read of people having issues with the Chinese stuff. Where did you buy yours from?

  • Takasago carb

  • Keyster do high quality carb rebuild kits for most vintage carbs. Main seal is a bit annoying though as it's a big round o ring rather than mounded to the proper shape. Does the job though.

  • That looks like a Keyster kit in that link. Bit cheaper from nrp carbs co uk I think. They don't include float.

  • Straight from eBay complete with seal around £20

  • Plus postage I'm guessing? Still, that's incredibly cheap!

  • Free postage an English firm imports them

  • £19.99 free postage from wrexham

  • Wow!

  • I agree, and that's what I did on my old 84 ATC 200 Big reg (3 wheeler)