Nice and neat number plate lights


Nice and neat, number plate lights

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  • Really like how that stock tail mod has worked out. Did you just take a hacksaw to it? Got a link to those lights? Might have to do the same one I (hopefully) lose the L plates in a couple of weeks.

  • Yep, just cut down stock tail

  • I'll look for lights link, give us a min

  • Cheers. These are the exact ones you used? Quality is good?

  • Yes they are. I would have preferred the led to be enclosed, but there good for the money

  • same ones I ordered

  • Like the tail tidy. How does the second exhaust fit?

  • It was how it attached at the can. So the strap across takes the weight of the can

  • Yes mate it does, was going to put another tab through to subframe but doesn't really need it

  • I may have to invest in a set of these. Not badly priced either. Cheers Sean

  • Everywhere I've gone everyone has said the pipes look perfect almost factory. There nice the fact they're scaled to match the bike. I'm well pleased with would highly recommend

  • I have these. There very nice and bright :)

  • Are they noisy. I bought my grom second hand with a tyga system but it was too loud to commute with

  • No it's deep, just right. You can remove the baffle if you want. You can also adjust the baffle

  • What pipes are they please Sean Tutt

  • There area 22 carl

  • Thanks Sean

  • Sean Tutt Great job on your bike it LQQK wicked (y)

  • Rachel S Poulton thank you muchly