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Some advise guys. Looking for an ultrasonic bath, so wondering if anybody had any decent recommendations for something that can take a stripped caliper etc. I was looking at one of these, but if any body had any other recommendations it would be appreciated.

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  • Edward Refalo

  • I would go bigger, i have a 3 liter its good for a single carb but not for a 4 in line engine.

  • I have similar one but 6l version, for callipers it's fine. You might find with the 3l one you can only do one half a calliper at a time, I might be wrong but with the 6l you can lay both halves of a stipped calliper flat. I went for the mechanical timer over the electronic one as I figured the electronics are probably not best spec... Run it nice & hot & give it a coulpe of cycles. You can buy different fluids to add in the water but thats all extra £'s I use a dash of cilit bang & that seems to work fine...but them I'm a tight wad...hahahaha DON'T use anything to aggressive as it can take the anodising off ! I tried truck wash & it was to aggressive...Oh & as a rule I give them a good scrub with brake cleaner before I bung them in.

  • I have a heated 20 ltr, well I broke the heater element doh, but it's great, I can get a whole set of carbs in, I can also do all the calipers at once, great piece of kit, not cheap tho, mine was over £200. but I highly recommend them.

  • I got the 6ltr; its a good tool to have. The solution you use is a major factor in getting good results. Jay Morrison suggested me a fine cleansing powder which I still haven't tried yet. It's what they use on tattoo rigs.

  • Fill it with freon

  • What's the best solution to use then for callipers. ?