No more tire rub. 2 inch stretch is done

No more tire rub. 2 inch stretch is done

  • Wanna trade that 424 ?

  • Trade for what

  • Never mind

  • Where did you get the spiked lug nuts

  • Ebay. I typed in the thread pitch and size. I think its m12x1.5 but dont go on my word they have all different kinds. My buddy has blue ones. I got spiked valve caps also

  • Trade tires for 29.5 outlaws

  • Have u had any problems out of the 424 cable locker i rebuilt mine and it still don't engage it stays in 2wd all the time

  • No. Ive taken some apart that were froze and changed the spring and had them working like new. Never had one not engage

  • I replaced everything bearinngs cable and both springs idk what the problem is

  • Maybe call wide open and see what they have to say. They bought the 424 from warn.

  • Ya i know who makes them

  • Pics?