No posts from bespoke carbon since june is it just scam or something


No posts from bespoke carbon since june, is it just scam or something?

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  • the guy does carbon parts for many different bikes, and vtr stuff doesn't sell in great numbers, so he's busy with other parts, as far as I can see.

  • AV never actually seen anything that has been done buy the guy Thot few folk had order a know wee Japanese dude did but never seen any end result pics

  • Tracy any news on yours yet?

  • That's a good question adam

  • Tracy Mckie Peart

  • All I did was offer to do a lot of administration work on their page , Web content sent to the guy who was doing their website, stuff like that which took up my time,i n return for part payment type exchange towards the kit ( cash when finished/collected) as was assured by both Ian and Matt " we'll look after you" etc and I can only speak factually that I did spend a lot of my time, even took a brand new pair of tyres (I still need payment for them) to Matt at our own cost, also as part payment and was told in June, it'll be ready for end July, then it'll be ready for end of August for going to away to Spain. I only deal with facts. Dave offered to drive to Southampton to collect matts bike and work on it for 3 weeks after work each night to get it ready for Spain as he genuinely thought matt didn't have time to do it because he was too busy working on the kit and time was tight as matt needed his bike ready for Spain . We were assured once more "we'll look after dave" quote unquote.. So all the work dave did including fitting everything brand new he'd been supplied with like Brembo Mc,pmf discs pads, all hoses to each part, translogic dash ( that took a few days alone ) and a multitude of other parts fitted and again, you'll all probably remember the photos I posted up at the time. Then took it all the way back to Southampton at our own costs as was never offered fuel pennies but one time toll fee when I asked for it . Still we waited. Was told it was too tight on time but 'nearly finished' as we left for Spain. Anyway. We got back and we were told it would be October. Dave has a string of texts he has sent over the period of time since Oct but barely a reply n was told when he rang matt green that "it's being polished as we speak". November and December came and went and all this time,in the 7 mths so far, he knew I'd sold my own fairing kit to someone else who was also being 'kept waiting' on me receiving mine. Luckily for me that person has seen this situation for what it appears to be and has waited for me to sort things out before sending mine but still we wait. I spoke to Ian mercer around early Jan as needed clarity who is also a joint owner but not kept in the loop or up to date on what happens as said hrs a "silent partner" and all I was told was that "he'll have a word but it was down to Matt", fact.. In fact, the only part I ever received was 1 part of the seat n 1 part missing and I'd spent good money with Alastair getting it covered believing the kit was soon to follow. Alastair Else is adamant only 1 part of seat arrived so he only sent 1 part to me, as nice as it is. Dave has text and rang last few weeks but still nothing has materialised. As I said, I deal in facts, both myself and Jay were removed from their page without any form of notice which is astounding to me as Jay had customers queuing round the block with orders but it would appear they don't want them. So fact is so far I'd done a lot of leg work on page, lot of leg work on Web site content, Dave spent 3 weeks of his own time after work doing a shit load of part replacements on just about everything, I've handed over brand new tyres I need paying for, and all we got was "stop pestering me, it'll be done when it's done" and 1 part of solo seat since last May/June 2015. I might be blonde but even I know it's doesn't take 8-9mths to knock out a kit. Mind I was told it had been done 3 times over as needed perfecting... It's almost March now and still nothing but for me, I think the worse thing, is the way I feel dave has been treated after putting in all that time n effect to help someone he genuinely thought was never going to have the time to do the work on his own bike in time for Spain, for us all going away because he believed matt was flat out working on my kit and despite being told "don't worry,

    we 'll look after him".....he was never offered so much as fuel costs afterc2 return trips from south Wales to Southampton. to say I'm disappointed would be an understatement. As I say, I deal in facts. I will not be dragged into a slagging match (as some members love to air their views when not present) nor will I be dragged into further comments. I have been asked by various members what n why etc so this is what's happened so far and I let dave sort it out after 6 mths as I don't have the patience he had but his patience had extended its sell by date.. Hope this helps anyone who was wanting to know/ messaging me asking etc... Shame really, cos you trade on your reputation and your reputation is everything in the biking parts world. I dont need arsey comment replies by anyone who is not privvy to all texts and conversatios that have taken place as it's all so easy to speak without knowing facts. I have left other facts out that I feel are not for the public domain but were offered as an excuse for lack of communication over a 3-4 week period Xmas to Jan. Not heard back since despite dave trying during Jan 2016. I can only speak for myself. Take it how you will but that's a short version factual of events. Draw your own conclusions. Just don't bother me with arsey comments as I won't reply.

  • As far as Akita Fujita goes, last I heard just a few weeks ago, he's not had his yet but was told it was on its way n he was wanting the tracking number,he simply mentioned it. He paid for 600 I think for his last June and think he was after a refund. I could be wrong but that's his situation

  • Hi.I regard bespoke carbon as a con artist. Concerning won't want to last any more.

  • Shocking not very good

  • He tried to come it with me I had to get paypal to ring him and clear something up you've been had over