Not sure if this is any one on here but was stuck in traffic beside and behind...


Not sure if this is any one on here but was stuck in traffic beside and behind this person for a bit.

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  • I assumed he wasn't as you were beside him. Just a general question :)

  • No we were both very much stopped for about 10 minutes

  • What's Lane filtering?

  • I couldn't survive sitting with the cars.

  • Another name,Lane splitting,riding between the cars

  • That's illegal? My postie is literally my ticket to ride anywhere haha

  • There is no such thing as stuck in traffic when you're on a Postie Bike!!

    Go the footpath!

  • Or the island between the lanes haha

  • Anything but sitting there lol

  • I've broken so many laws haha

  • Filtering or lane splitting, not only legal but highly recommended in NSW. Stops bikes getting rear ended.

  • MAAATE thats me.

  • That's great dude. Should've waved me down, could've had a chat in the slow moving traffic. But yeah, that's me! :)

  • I don't have many points left on my license... not worth it right now lol

  • Car can't chase you everywhere haha

  • Hahaa true. The traffic is never congested down here, but when it does, a police officer crashes into a commodore, causing the cop car to be perched on top of the commodore haha. Might do some filtering, might be beneficial :p

  • I live in a town where a traffic jam is a tractor, I filter thought cars, carparks, footpaths, parks literally anywhere I'll fit lol

  • Haha wicked, sounds good hey. Own a postie, and you can do anywhere as long as you fit :p

  • I thought it could have been you. And will do next time!

  • Send me a message if you ever wanna go for a ride too mate. :)

  • yea will do man!