not yet taken the plunge into msx ownership at 6foot and 17 stone keep...


not yet taken the plunge into msx ownership at 6foot and 17 stone keep wondering if I get one and ride it will people think I just have a back wheel hanging out of my arse on the other hand it will be perfect for my camper van , only reply with encouraging comments please ;)

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  • It's fine, i'm taller and fit mine perfectly.

  • Am same size n weight and its fine.

  • I'm doing the same with mine once the camper is done. I'm 6'4".

  • People laugh and make fun of me here in the states all the time. Especially the big boys on their gsx 600's. I just laugh inside knowing they are jealous. Plus I always invite them over to get whooped by the zx10r. Moral of the story....FUCKING BUY ONE!!!!

  • I'm 5'10" and weigh in at 260 lbs....I look like a gorilla humping a football, but like was mentioned above, I have a blast everytime I ride.

  • Im 6 ft and heavier and love it. Crack on dude

  • going out looking for one now will post photo's as soon as I have done the deed

  • Who cares what people think I'd rather have a back wheel hanging out me are than not!! (Not that I can ride bikes but I love being a passenger next best thing! ) don't give up on a bike due to petty people

  • Hey man, I'm 6 foot 8 and probably 20 stones (your stone is about 6 kg, right?). I may look funny on my MSX, but I probably look hidious on or off my beloved bike since I keep it in Thailand. Run to the store mate!

  • My pops got one hes 6 foot 4 nd 16 stone