Note for existing traders on FB


Note for existing traders on FB

With the imminent launch of in February, we are looking for prospective companies and individuals to sponsor the running of the site through advertising. As the Facebook group now acts as the official presence of the website, we are now asking for those members who currently advertise their products within the group, to pay for advertising or refrain from posting new products. Any breach of this will result in the post being deleted by the group Admin.

To make this easier, we have set a monthly or annual fee – please contact

For this fee, each sponsor will receive placement within a designated ’Trader Section’ within the site, and the ability to advertise within the FB group.

For an opportunity to have their products featured on future review videos and postings, all linked through the @GromlinsUK Twitter account, we can offer this in payment for products being offered to us free of charge.

Where does trader money go?

Trader subscription payments will go towards the monthly hosting and up-keep of the Gromlins website, as well as promotion of featured products and advertising. The greater the reach of, the broader the increase in potential sales to each and every trader. This will also allow Gromlins to increase in size and associated server hosting to accommodate traffic.

Unlike ‘other’ motorcycle forums and sites on the web, we are working closely with SEO and web professionals to make this venture work for it’s members and any trader involved with us.

Traders can also ‘sponsor’ or set monthly competitions; offer prizes for features we have in the pipeline such as;

– Grom of the month

– Grom in the silliest place

– Giveaways

– Group buys

and various other ventures.

What traders need to be aware of is that this is not a ‘money making' project, but instead a venture to push the Grom in the UK and in the process, help push trader’s products, even work with traders to help sell their products to UK owners. This is a two-way venture for Grom owner/riders and traders.

What is

Gromlins is a social media experience like no other, and features everything relating to the Honda MSX125. The site is connected to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and features;

How To Guides, discussions relating directly to modifications and parts available for the Grom, showcases and details of owner modified machines, regular competitions, reviews, giveaways, an open user forum for members to post questions as well as a photo and video gallery. Regular Nationwide meets and events will bring members together to help promote and boost the sales of products as well as this Honda machine that has seen a massive popularity within the past 2 years.

As the member database grows, so will the features of the site, and by utilising the primary social media outlets of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, Gromlins is set to be the main meeting point for owner riders, and will hopefully increase it’s web presence through SEO experience to provide a platform for owners and users worldwide. This is where you as a trader will see the Gromlins site users turning to you through your presence and involvement within the site to increase your sales of parts and services you have available for the forum. By being actively involved with us, your products and business will gain maximum potential and web coverage, and through regular reviews and videos, we hope to showcase and give a detailed breakdown of any featured products you wish to promote.

As we have discovered through the Facebook group alone, there is a massive hole in the market within the UK that hopefully Gromlins can fill, to provide a starting point for owners wishing to modify their bike.

If you have any ideas that you would like to see us cover, either for your product, business or in general, we will happily work with you to make those ideas happen.

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  • Ye my bad, it is not a moped! Lol

  • yup new cbt law on a car licence is pathetic, ive been driving a car for 12 years, if i had a 50cc i dont need Ls and can have pillion (obviously no motorway though), but for teh 125 ive gotta keep doing the cbt, stupid.

    think im gunna do the a2 at some point. fo rnow Redoin the cbt in may

    back on topic, gromlins sounds amazeballs. whens it going live. im sure it was mentioned the other week

  • hi, good idea, I already supply many ppl in UK (and many other places all over the world) directly from Europe and Japan, therefore as long as there is still an increasing interest for Japanese parts in UK it's fine for me, I will be back to Tokyo next month, I've planned to meet many new suppliers in Kanto area (and Kansai, well, maybe, will depend of my schedule), feel free to contact me if you will be there from March 9 to 29 ;)

  • Hi Christian Martelli, I will get one of the admins to contact you.

  • ok, thank you very much ;)

  • Heyup all Ive just signed up so will keep an eye out for the email

  • Owain Powell, issues with emails. Your Account has automatically been activated. You should be able to sign in. If you have any issues message me

  • Cheers mate!

  • Just been told your account has been activated Owain Powell

  • how much are these stickers and jumpers

  • Grom in the silliest place.... challenge accepted :)

  • How much for 2x stickers or 3