Noticed some paint peeling away from the left hand side of the engine

Noticed some paint peeling away from the left hand side of the engine.

Bike is only 6 months old so still under warranty.

Is this something I should let the dealer know about or should I just buy some hammerite paint and touch it up?

  • Fuck that cheap bike or not I would hit Honda with...this does not keep in the way of Honda's reliablity and Build quality.

  • Is £3500k a cheap bike then??

    My copy honda was £700 3 yrs ago ,and no paint has flaked off that

  • My bike is the same, 6 month old same issue. It's going in for a service next Friday and for them to investigate the paint peeling. I'll tell you how I get on but when I was explaining it to the service advisor, it sounded like they were already tying to fob it off with a comment like 'you do know your bike requires simple maintenance, like washing it'

  • Apparantly that's wha others on this site think. personally I would have thought paint on the engine or swing arm should last more than one winter

  • Hmmm, not good.

    My dealership has been really good with me so far so hoping they will fix it for me and not fob me off.

  • Especially when all the nuts and bolts don't even looked corroded?

  • Looks like a manufacture defect to me. I would definitely say something to the dealer or Honda. 6 months old and the paint is falling off the case of the motor? Bring it to multiple dealerships until one fixes the issue

  • I've never taken my grom back for paint issues but when my tank on my cb1000r was seen to be bubbly on collection the whole tank was changed on the 600 mile service for a brand new one. I hope you get the same service

  • Did it get any brake fluid on it? It would have to sit on there for a while to do that but it's possible.

  • Yes warranty on such a new bike

  • At only 6 months old no paint should be coming off like that. Paint is not usually covered under warranty but I'm sure they will sort this out for you.

  • Let us know how you get on Sean

  • Will do

  • Don't think so, not noticed any leaks in the braking system

  • It's only £3500 in the UK. Rip off Britain. Less than £2000 in Asia. So yes they are cheap bikes.

    Though I have one for three years and no corrosion but then no salt on the roads here.