Obviously I don t want to do anything reckless or


Obviously I don't want to do anything reckless or

dangerous but I just need your advice... bungee hooks or cargo net to safely attach my 3 week olds car seat to the bike?... I want to start him young

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  • Gaffa Tape & Cable Ties much safer than bungees or cargo nets!

  • Won't he fit in the top box?

  • Taken that to far , always one John

  • If the baby's in the top box where is he supposed to carry the beer.

  • Just make sure he can reach the bars

  • Already shown the wife that... no more children for me I'm afraid

  • Stopped to his back with a tube feed that's what duct tape was made for.

  • Oops strapped

  • John Peter Campey My wife wasn't keen on the idea either. Although daughter was willing to break her piggy-bank to get it.

  • Sebastian my soon to be 5yr old can't wait to go for a ride. I did do a quick once round street with her but the wife wasn't pleased

  • John, I know what you mean ;) I am waiting for my daughter to be able to ride with me, and she is waiting patiently too. It shouldn't be too long now.

  • Sebastian as long as they can reach the pegs your good, can't wait

  • Gaffa tape is safest

  • I have never seen such a foolish post. Everyone knows that you need to use binder twine.. ....

  • Just for townies and city folk, binder twine is used on farms to tie bales of hay/ straw going through a baler.

  • Bluetak doesn't leave a mark when your remove it

  • so cute

  • 3m tape.... and a little bit of blue tac should sort out the unevenness of the chair