Odyssey owners just letting you know I got a hold of my vinyl guy Hes going to...

Odyssey owners, just letting you know I got a hold of my vinyl guy. Hes going to make me one for my rear window.. Ill post pics and get a price.. Ill go from there..

  • how much? Id take two

  • Depending on price I'd take probably two about 3"x4"maybe smaller.

  • size?

  • Like 6×7

  • please be exact... would be helpful

  • Jeff Wetton ok bro thanks I'll get ya one and will message ya when done

  • Well how much is it going to be?

  • Jeff Wetton ill keep you posted on that because im not sure

  • OK thanks

  • I might just finalize one size when I get mine completed and post that

  • What size is that?

  • hes gotta look at my window so bt next week i have the pic... Sound good?

  • Yep

  • coo

  • yea i gotta edit that post ha

  • Jeff Wetton dude your pilot is sick!! my friend Steffen Dager has a Bad Ass pilot too... Someday ill just get a turbo charged yamaha side by side but holding on to my dream sice ive seen Wall Street and seen the Fl350 new in the show room at 6..

  • Thanks man! It was a lot of work and time but man it is hellacious!!!

  • Jeff Wetton have you seen Ken Blocks recreation of the Hoonicorn? He had this idea of the V8 with 900HP but now equipped with dual snails= 1400HP? He has his toys like our buggies more like a side by side but banks serious $$

  • No I haven't I'll defiantly have to check that out!

  • its a small reveal of the car but holly shit he even admits he's affraid of it!!!

  • Jeff Wetton...was curious about the steering configuration on your LT pilot? Did you modify the frame for clearance? Or use a bump steer kit? Sorry to hijack your post Chaz.

  • Steffen Dager no worries

  • Steffen Dager it's a 4 link system now.

  • 2 extra idling points I'm assuming? With 4 rods and 8 ends?

  • Correct. Used heim ends as well.