Off to ride the SV bit later today Things go well it ll start proceedings to...

Off to ride the SV bit later today. Things go well it'll start proceedings to get rid of the grom.

  • Thought you was getting a gixer thou?

  • Still trying to get a gixxer thou but cash ain't there at moment coz just moved house and had to buy adult things like tv licence etc.

    The SV would be a straight swap plus couple hundred my way

  • V twin tho, is that the way you want to go. Get a hornet or a bandit. Or just get what you want and don't listen to me

  • Don't like hornet or bandit rode them both a couple times. Was looking at mt 09 but would need to finance it and I don't do finance.

    Can always chop in the sv towards another bike

  • Yamaha! How dare you swear at me!!!!

  • You start proceedings months ago

    In all seriousness don't sell it before the ride Saturday could be a farewell ride

  • Did you get an SV1000? or SV650? My VTR1000F drinks fuel like an irishman on St Patricks night. But nothing beats that V twin sound

  • Keep the grom. Trust me. You'll only regret it.

  • I'm busy Saturday so I'm not doing the London run

  • Looking at SV 650 S. 2000 model

  • If I wanted to only ride a small bike I wouldn't of taken my full licence. Can always get a Grom when I've got a garage, just leave it in a corner.

  • Oh i meant keep grom as well. If finances allow it of course. Id sooner get rid of a bigger bike over my grom now.

  • If I could afford to I would keep it. But I can't

  • Yeah SV650 is a great bike a couple of my friend have owed them. I'd prefer the fuel injected model, just a bit smoother.

    Mine it carby and is very lumpy on a cold morning, and that's Australian cold so 10C.

  • What busy last ride out on the grom

  • Ah shame. Fair enough dude.

  • Busy with work and meeting up with a few mates I ain't seen in like 4 years

  • Your have to make the sv look like a grom

  • I'll find a Grom body kit from Thailand and make it fit

  • Lol that would be jokes

  • Charlie Reeves if you get it today give me a shout could go 4 a quick spin if you want

  • Waiting for the bloke to text me back. And would need to swap insurance over onto it

  • Ok mate

  • Charlie Reeves put the grom in the house and don't insure/tax it

  • I was thinking of putting it in the entrance hall but think I'll get a bollocking from work