• Oh dear oh dear

    Oh dear oh dear

    I was wondering why nothing was straight

    • Whats the gcraft one retail at?

    • Not sure, I got a real good deal on mine

    • Nice job on that !!

    • Tats suxs!

    • What brand is that

    • Spyker

    • Tats a bad crack there buddy!! Ure safe rite?

    • 4 n half I believe?

    • Always safe

      we was fitting it back onto my old bike when my mate pointed out the crack and the crease

    • Not the single sided one.... the normal one?

    • Gavin Msx Robinson luckily ure mate spotted it...fuuuh or tat gonna cost u more than juz a torn in e pocket buddy

    • Hahahahaha wtf that's why I don't what to buy a grom ..... too easy to bottom out

    • I'll be avoiding them then thank you

    • Not through bottoming out

      Most probably from being knocked off the bike

    • I think it's from having a crash

    • Single sifed ones over a grand

    • Okay maybe 2

    • thats fucking mental eh?!

    • Damn that bitch is f'ed up

    • doesn't want to buy a grom, is a member of Grom owners club... dafuq

    • http://www.motorkit.com/en/swi ngarms-for-honda-msx-grom-/103 20-bras-oscillant-g-craf-pour- honda-msx.html#/1646-rear_fend er_brack ñbet_option-with/748-length-standard/752-shape-tri ple_square_mini/750-type-without_stabilizer

    • This or takegawa will be my next one

    • What u got now

    • Tyga under braced in black

    • I'm undecided what swing arm I want next. But I want to retain the hugger so it's gonna have to be under braced or unbraced

    • The tyga under braced you can't use a hugger unless you modify the chain slider

    • Mi e will be for sale soon

    • How much

    • £150 delivered I think

    • Yea that's right ..... if you want to buy something ...... I like to see all the shit you guys fuck up riding every day ...... see if I want to buy one or make one from scratch .

      So far I don't like how they bottom out

    • Ooooooo

    • Daniel Looh just make one from scratch. Just make sure you have adult supervision when opening the packaging with those sharp scissors

    • Too many stoppies huh?

    • Other road users not paying attention

    • Damn sorry bro

    • >Doesn't own a Grom

      >Bitches about Groms.

      >lol ok

    • Pretty much

    • Alastair Norman that is my plan , I started looking in to building a grom after I finish building my ruckus but I wanted to see what people were doing to them , initially I was looking for a small bike I can learn on But I love off road and camping SOO I wanted more travel ...... that's all

      The ktm dukes are nice too , really nice 200 or 390 cc

    • fuck off Daniel nobody is intrested in your non grom owning opinions!..

    • Well you oviosly are since you are reading it and taking the time to write something lmao

    • #triggered