Oh sh big biiiig issue Where can i get Snail Front fender The one place that...


Oh sh**, big biiiig issue. Where can i get Snail Front fender?? The one place that had, is now out of stock :(

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  • Have you tried Motobot-racing?

  • Tomer

  • Motobot-racing.com

    Benjamin Chantariang

  • Motobot IS the one place that had it and its out of stock.

  • Message Benjamin Chantariang and ask about it :) great guy!

  • Thank you, been checking their site regularly hoping it comes back in stock.

  • He will help you out mate :)

  • Not that big of an issue if you're honest.

  • Yes this item its on so high demand we cant even follow the orders locally :/ ! and the factory is taking forever to make them.. Trying to get some asap ! btw it take times because we are changing the quality from Fiber to ABS !

  • Let me know when they are availible again :)

  • I do respect that you dont care ;) but i like them :)

  • will do :)