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Oi oi

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  • They boomerangs with little LEDs.

  • Yea kcp 1s

  • Where did you get those?!

  • Nice

  • Bought them off a guy on here. Very lucky buy tbh

  • Very lucky mate! Would love to get my hands on a set

  • Tudor Toma! These your old ones?!

  • Nope mine are raw billet :)

  • U sold yours?

  • Waiting for jack to buy them off me lol

  • Wot u offering lol

  • Dan Ddm lmao! These probably cost you more than I can currently afford mate

  • I would imagine over £100 but well worth it

  • Don't mind me asking what did you get them for in the end? I sent him a few messages saying to let me know what the highest price offered in the end and I'll see what I have but didn't hear back

  • Mate if I got them for 100 or less ide be well chuffed

  • Aye rare bit of kit those bad boys

  • Payed over 150 put it that way

  • Jack Dempsey Osborne go on batty boy pay up

  • Priceless tbh

  • I gave him an offer he couldn't refuse

  • So you offered a lifetime of blowjobs then Dave

  • Dan* pmsl