OK. Anyone else have tunes installed on their bike. What are you using


OK. Anyone else have tunes installed on their bike? What are you using?

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  • I use a Torc Bluetooth helmet and listen to internet radio. Can hear the music just fine even with earplugs in

  • Got a Bluetooth jam in my cup holder

  • Yeah I run a Sena 10S thru my full face Icon helmet when I ride my VFR800 but don't wanna wear my full face on the Aero.

  • Why don't you wear the full face on the Aero?

  • Yeah? Aero is the one like I was thrown face first from (someone changed lanes into me when they were at a dead stop)

  • If you are going to ride worried like then why ride? I wear a DOT open face helmet and if/when I go down I pray that is enough. If the good lord says its my time then no amount of helmet Full Face DOT/Snell certified is going to do me any good.

  • I like to hold conversations while I am stopped with my fellow riders also

  • I disagree. Statistically its a proven fact that 35% of the time a rider thrown from a bike will land face first. More often then not riders who choose a full face helmets fair better in regards to half helmets or not helmets. Secondly depending on exhaust setup you may not be able to talk loud enough for your riding buddy to hear you anyway.

  • Michael, he means at a stop light/sign.

  • I can't pretend to have a conversation doing 60 on the freeway. It is a personal preference to use a half helmet when riding my Aero. Just like I don't like to ride with full leathers on my Aero but that would be the safest way to ride.

  • Ive been thinking anbout a tsukayu batwing fairing but dont know much about them

  • I am not sure I like how they sit on the Aero https://www.tsukayu.com/DetachableFairing_aero1100 .html

  • I like the look its the quality im concerned about

  • I understand he means ay stop signs. I wear full face and have never had problems hearing bike next to. I do know some people as I said that have exhaust loud enough that conversation at a stop light wouldn't be possible. Type of helmet or not is choice unless state requires it. I've wore both full and open, even ridden without a helmet. Currently do to military service regardless of state law I'm required to wear some sort of helmet and prefer full face. Having been struck by a bird, june bugs and even stones kick up by cars(and no i want following to close)rock hit me from over 50ft behind car was thankful for a full face helmet.

  • I've had a 10" long piece of retread hit my hand, if I wasn't about to go around the SUV it would have hit my face.

  • Boss audio

  • How do you like it? Is it loud enough at highway speeds?

  • Loose it at about 55/60. But it sounds pretty good for $40.