Ok everyone is it just me or do 27 inch outlaws pull like hell

Ok everyone is it just me or do 27 inch outlaws pull like hell!

I've rode a bike with 28's and 29.5 and they don't seem to bite as well as my 27's but idk if it's just me or not! Opinions

  • Gotta use the same size hose? Loooks like i gotta go to autozone and get some more vent line. Crap 7 vent hoses? Thats crazy.

  • Its like 1/2" or 3/4" and this is prob the most important lol idk why people don't talk about it much

  • Why is it ran to the airbox?

  • Mike Miller where did you get that vent cap?

  • I used a piece of hose with a rubber cap got it from O'Reillys and I put silicone in the cap before I put it on...not real sure why I guess so it don't squirt oil on lol don't just run it straight up u gotta put a couple loops in it I didn't tho #rebel

  • Mike miller is all u did is put a vent cap on yours??

  • Y the loops?

  • Idk just wat guy who told me about it did

  • Mike Miller the vent for the crankcase might go into the box at the bottom but it gets air right below the air filter. Thats like 5 inches from the bottom.

    If you were to get that much water in your air box it would suck it in the intake through the air filter. Still going into the engine!!

    So correct me if im wrong: the intake goes to the top half of the engine right?

    And the crank case vent hose goes to the bottom half of the engine right?

    So its not as destructive to the engine to get water in the top half then the bottom half?

    Cause if you get water high enough to get in the crank case vent then your also gonna get it in through the intake filter..