• Ok fellow Honda riders What is with the petcock position Which way is reserve...

    Ok, fellow Honda riders. What is with the petcock position? Which way is reserve, and which way is on? After 3 years on my aero, I finally ran out of gas. Thought I had it in correct position for reserve, but I guess not. ( never let it get that low before) soooo, which way is the right way?

    • Looks like John may have the pre-750 Shadow model maybe?

    • I was thinking that the "flap" was the tail of the "arrow" that pointed to the position you wanted. Turns out I was incorrect.

      Hope this info helps other shadow riders!

    • Roy Gray. Possible. My petcock on my CB550 was the way I described above, with the "tail" thingy.

    • I discovered a number of years ago that, at least on mine, "reserve" is Japanese for "empty." Now I track my trip and stop for gas at 120mi.

    • 98 Aero 1100. Mine is down for fuel, horizontal for off, and up for reserve.

    • Most of them are marked on the flange if you get down and look at it.

    • lmao as everyone runs out to look up close at there reserves, i just had this problem this past weekend lol, friend said HEY you have your reserve on silly! I DO? i said oops, yes confirm in your manual, as not all bikes n years are the same of models,and there not easy on the eyes to see for us over 40 yr olds lol have your good eyes with you, 750 Aero here and i fill up at 200kms, or even on my way home after any ride top it up, so im ready for next ride with no worries, all must know there bikes so we dont run out, i ran out last yr going to work lol, sat there for a min and thought oh no what do i do? oh ya my reserve thank god lol got myself to a gas station

    • Way too many answers I think... What year Aero? I know visually they changed early 2000's. Anything can change year to year...

    • 05' Aero here, had no idea they were so different year to year.

    • there is a little arrow on the petcock btw

      On -> basic position

      Off -> winter time (Out of Order)

      Res -> reserve mode