• Ok folks here the question of the day Somebody is always talking about the 3...

    Ok folks here the question of the day, Somebody is always talking about the 3 yellow wires that are for the alternator. these come out of the stator cover and come up behind the engine to the 3 prong plug above the battery. Went the pheonix burn't the 3 prong plug was destroyed and hence cut out when I pulled all the burn't wiring out. However there is about 18" of good "pigtail" still on the engine. presuming these are hard wired to the windings in the stator, if I can I would like to make a splice of these wires so I don't have to pull the flywheel. MY question...since the wires are all yellow, is there a perticular sequence they must be hooked up in, in the 3 prong plug? Are they 3 equal outputs from the 3 stator windings that each input into the Voltage regulator?. Or Is one of the wires excitation voltage and the other 2 output? How can I tell without pulling the stator, OHM meter? The manual pretty much shows them as 3 outputs.

    Ok so that's 4 questions, Thanks

    • no, it does not matter which one goes where ;) !!!

    • Like Thom said. Just go yellow to yellow x 3 and you're golden. Each yellow goes to a part of the windings. Between them you will have a certain ohm value. That's not terribly important but if I were you I'd check each yellow from the stator to ground. None can have continuity to ground. If any do, replace the stator. If good, just wire 'em up. I omitted the plug entirely. Soldered and heat shrunk each.

    • No sequence, they are soldered to the stator windings, and if you wanna use solid connectors, you'll be doing what I have done and gotten good results with. Some like to solder the connection but I wanna take mine apart sometimes

    • Thanks guys for your help, I was going to thank you last night but the power supply in my computer took a dump. That's fixed now. Seems like it's alway something!