OK folks I m selling the grom as I just don t get chance to use it I also want...

OK folks, I'm selling the grom as I just don't get chance to use it..I also want a Z1000. It's completely standard, done roughly 170 from new and is on a '16 plate. I do have finance outstanding which would be paid off at the time of sale. Any other questions just ask

  • That's to cover finance. It's also only got 170miles on it. It's not even ran in..the tyres aren't even scrubbed in but thanks for the input.

  • Soon as you sign the papers for the bike it's depreciated in value them 2015s go for a healthy 1700 I could get a brand new one for price your asking it having a dig just saying

  • Cheers again for the input but I've stated my reasons for the asking price if you're not interested in buying it then please just carry on scrolling.

  • Another option change ya finance to a personal loan so you are allowed to sell it as it's a loan not finance so a good option

  • Mine 16 plate was £2300 new

  • Can't you guys read? Keep on scrolling!

  • We have 2 66 plate groms one older shape one newer and I think yours is up for a fair price. Why do people always have to comment slating prices

  • I know she don't want to hear it but they are only saying what likely go for. It's lots of money to lose but an old shape even with so few miles will struggle to get near that. There was a member with similar miles and advertised a lot less and still struggled. These groms just don't hold their value, which is a shame. Although z1000 sounds nice, like the sugomi edition...probably the best naked bike like a grom you can get. They do a great integrated tail light that is far superior to any seen on a grom for it. Stunning bike

  • We'll see. It's not the end of the world if it doesn't sell. I'm selling my z750 too so that'll fund a chunk of the deposit for the z1000.

  • Right...I've edited the original post now if anyone wants to buy it send me a PM.

  • Hi Holly please let me know if this sells.

    I am in the same boat with mine.

    I bought on a whim.

    Similar miles and same colour etc.

  • I just sold mine for 2,300 x Good luck Hun x