• OK guys 02spirite went threw hole fuel system today carbs or great fuel filter...

    OK guys 02spirite went threw hole fuel system today carbs or great fuel filter all of it is go to ride starts good go down road give less than half throttle just looses power all together wtf

    • Battery getting bad? I recently left the key on my bike and when I jump started it it would idle fine but with the battery still trying to charge it would cut out bad and the odometer display would go out when I cracked the throttle even a little bit. Maybe a dead cell?

    • Stator, easy fix,

    • I don't know about the 02s, but my 92 had hesitations problems, one of the small hoses on the carb had popped off. If I went more than a quarter throttle it would fall on its face. I think it was a vacuum line. Worth a check. I had the same problem when the vent hose on my tank came loose. Those are my experiences.

    • RayandAmy McIntire mine did that too, when by battery was "iffy"

    • Did you do anything to the intake? Messing with the intake any or not having the carbs set in the boots well enough will wreak havoc with the vacuum that is used to draw fuel up through the main Jet. That's why she is falling flat after you cycle from the intermediate jet to the main.

    • Nope

    • My buddy think it spark hell I don't know first bike never worked on them

    • Check your coil

    • If coil would it still start idles great lol

    • Yes. Mine is doing the same. And my coil is bad. Start your bike and let it run. Feel your pipes. On mine my front jug does not get hot like my rear. So my top pipe is still cold and bottom is hot.

    • Both hot but one does pop

    • Good chance you caught it early. Check the fire on the coil

    • Thanks bro