• Ok guys and girls I m having trouble with my 1996 1100 My battery died last...

    Ok guys and girls. I'm having trouble with my 1996 1100. My battery died last week. So Sunday I put a new battery in the bike. This afternoon I rode to a buddy's house. I turn the bike off and tried to move it 20 minutes later and it wouldn't crank battery was dead. So I put the battery on the charger for 3 hours. Started right up and drove it home. But if I was on the gas my lights went very dem but as soon as it went to idle the got bright again . Any ideas?

    • The bike will keep running as long as I let it. So idk . I might try a rectifier Micah Skelton

    • Stater

    • stator wires junction

    • I'd say the regulator/rectifier is not allowing the battery to be charges. Charge the batt, let it run, check the voltage..should be greater than 13.4 but not more than 14.7 if the regulator is working properly

    • Larry Hays is that with the battery in the system? Or where do I test to not read battery voltage?

    • Be sure to check it right after charging too. Then again after it has ran.

    • just connect a volt meter to the battery, in the bike, engine running...as you give it some throttle, you should see the voltage change...hopefully upwards, but again, anything higher than 12 volts up to 14.7 is good...over 14.7 and your regulator si stuck open and will cook your battery...under 12+ and your battery isn't being charged by the system. 99% of the time, it is the regulator that has gone south.

    • Before you start replacing parts, check for a bad ground. If you're grounded out somewhere will drain the battery pretty quick like

    • Check the connectors under the seat for the regulator and for the stator. They sometimes melt.

    • Rectifier. That happened to mine. They are very easy to change

    • Have your charging system checked. You are running off of the battery. My money is on the stator.

    • Ok I put a meter on it while running and I'm getting 12.24 v and not running is 12.12v. So I don't think it's charging much at all.