Ok guys I m having a some electrical issues While at river run last weekend I...


Ok guys I'm having a some electrical issues. While at river run last weekend I was riding my 2013 rancher 420. A couple times my bike died for no reason then started right back up fine and ran fine then after hitting a few deep holes it died Again only this Time My dash lights barley come on and flicker and my bike will not turn over or do anything. There is a relay that ticks and buzzes, and when I pull it off my dash lights come on fine but when I put it back on same thing. The bike will start with starting fluid and turning over by arcing over solenoid but will not stay running Iv changed all the fuses what do yaw think is the problem

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  • Mine does this. I'll take a picture of what it is, sand gets in it and it won't start. It's the little cylinder, pull it out the plastic cover and make sure there's nothing under it.

  • It looks like this under the black peice where the seat handle it, and what the rear compartment hooks too

  • That looks like the solenoid

  • It may be. But if any sand get under it, it will click, whenever you try too start, and my lights on my screen flicker at the ps light will come on. Happens every time I ride in the river

  • I've had my battery box level full with mud/sand and never had that issue because of that. I have had my positive cable corrode off at the starter solenoid (little cylinder) and that causes issues, a lot of them. These machines are very picky on battery voltage and need clean and tight connections. If ones just a little loose or just a touch of corrosion it will mess with the system. I have drilled extra holes in the box area but it doesn't help much. Dielectric grease everything and clean after rides is all I do in that area.

  • It's not the battery or the solenoid. I can ark a wrench,(touch both post at the same time) and the motor will turn over and start when I spray starting fluid in the snorkel

  • I'm almost willing to bet it's the bank as sensor

  • I think it's the white and red wires (harness side) that need to be jumped to bypass the sensor. I just used a thin piece of wire to jump them and then dielectric grease them and tape it shut. I have had to "smack" that fuel pump relay once on the trail. I just couldn't get the fuel pump to work after a break and a little smack on the rack got it working again. Trail fix and I didn't have a BFH.. lol

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