Ok guys my turn for some technical help please I have a 2009 aero 750 and in a...

Ok guys my turn for some technical help please. I have a 2009 aero 750 and in a few miles it will roll over 8k. Manual says time to change out spark plugs. What brand and stock number of plugs do i buy? What size plug wrench? Will a car wrench do? Because of age of my bike, do I flush out coolant and brake fluid? Sure would appreciate some input...thx

  • If it came with the tool kit, use the wrench in the kit.

  • I have a 2008 shadow spirit 750, I have never changed the fluids,or spark plug. For that matter I have done nothing except oil changes and tires and brakes. Oh by the way in going on 82000,00 miles!

  • First of all skip your a dumbass and your just going to ruin your bike not changing the fluids, second I would just use OE plugs and I believe they are a 17-18mm socket

  • Steve can u buy plugs at auto zone or similar?

  • Yes most auto parts stores should stock them

  • Skip you are the man ! If it ain't broke don't fix it :-P

  • Autozone has the plugs. I forget the code, buy you can find it by Google. I change my oil every 3000-3500 miles. And I change my rear differential and anti freeze once a year. It's about due for a brake fluid change too. I don't care if it needs it or not, I still do it. I'll change my plugs once a year too. Just because.

  • Who you callin a dumbass SPAGHETTI!

  • Lol cuz that's the first time I've ever heard that