Ok guys this might be a stupid question but how many turns from all the way in...


Ok guys, this might be a stupid question, but how many turns from all the way in is the air fuel screw at the front of the carb supposed to be turned out?

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  • Ok guys here is an update. Bike fires first or second kick, but will only idle with the idle turned all the way up. As soon as you try to bring the idle down it dies. I've used starting fluid to check for leaks, replaced the o ring on the intake, so idk what the deal is. Any help would be appreciated

  • check all your fuel lines and jets make sure float isnt sticking.

  • I have the same problem Patrick Garrity and I did the same thing you did plus I rebuilt the carb and I am still having this issue. Its not the fuel lines I replaced them as well. Float is not sticking.

  • See if it jumped timing and check the compression

  • Bike runs and rides great, just will not idle. Either It idles high or not at all. My bike fires 1st or 2nd kick, how bout yours Christophe Gallant

  • Yeah it runs fine, just won't idle, specially in high elevations I always have to be on the throttle. It does take a little more than a couple of kicks sometimes but it always fires up.

  • maybe try a new throttle cable ?

  • Just put a new cable and throttle assembly

  • that's something I haven't done

  • my cousins throttle kept getting hung and wouldnt idle , he replaced it and started doing great but he also had carb problems.