Ok guys want a bit of advise before I go rip the head of the dealer today...

Ok guys, want a bit of advise before I go rip the head of the dealer, today started the bike and a weird noise like a pop came from under the seat, thought nothing of it but went to pull off and my abs light is constantly flashing ie not turning off after 6mph. Any clues as to what it is, bike is less than a year old. Hit me.

  • Just take it back and get it sorted under warranty,simples.

  • I know but it's a pain in the backside. Just thought if it was something simple I could sort

  • But why rip into the dealer when it's going to be fixed free of charge?,at worse it only going to cost you your time going back to the dealer or get them to pick it up.

  • Tony Broadbent exactly. It isn't exactly 5 mins away, also had a problem with the hand grip (which he sorted but is now coming unstuck again) and a damaged brake pipe which has been on "back order" for 4 weeks now.... I know it only take max 2 days to get a part from Honda as I've had loads for my old 600.

  • Too many things for a nearly new bike in my opinion

  • Am sorry you have had this bad experience mate but ask for a loan bike until it's sorted or go to another dealer.Failing that complain directly to Honda UK.

  • Tony Broadbent me too, love the bike but the reason I bought a new one was to not have issues every month like the last...

  • Check the abs fuse...

  • Where is that located?

  • I'm not sure..I think next to battery

  • Will have a look...

  • Dust around sensors me thinks had same issues

  • What I'll do is have a thorough check on all fuses/ and sensors before phoning the dealer just to see if it's anything simple. If an abs fuse has blown though what could cause that?

  • Reject the bike. Return to dealer. If on hire purchase, inform them. A Honda shouldn't behave like that. Not fit for purpose.

  • Sounds like one of those "Friday afternoon2 jobs - the rushed one that doesn't get done right coz all wanna go home. Take it back & ask for new replaement for whole bike.