Ok here s my question I love my shadow aero but I want a bigger bike equipped...

Ok here's my question I love my shadow aero but I want a bigger bike equipped with fairings stereo ect... I have been doing a lot of research on which bike is the best from goldwing to the Yamaha Stratoliner to the street glide every thing I look at says streetglide from head to tail wondering if I should deck out an 1100 shadow or go with the already decked out tough looking street glide?

  • There's a buttload of older used, low mileage Valkyries out there for low $. All the perks of a bagger and the displacement to tug all that extra weight around. A little slimmer than a wing and more cruiser-esk. Grab a Valk, throw an old Harley fairing on it and call it a day! Thinking about doing the same right now. Was doggin' on my aero for not having enough power then ended up on a long ride with it and decided I'd ride it like I stole it....holy shit!!! I'll tell you, the Aero likes to be ridden hard, revved out and hard. So, if you don't like to turn the throttle...buy something bigger and putt along ;). My point...if you want more power...twist the throttle bro!

  • Kawasaki vaquero

  • This is the ultimate cross country tour that can be pushed in the twistys like a sport bike. The Kawasak C14 Concours. 155 hp top sped of 155 mph.

  • @Neal, great bike if you aren't two-up all day. Passenger comfort goes to the GW for all day rides. Our bike shoppers never said if they are primarily solo or 2 up?

  • Love the looks of the Vaquero, but that bugger is way top heavy, at least for this girl.

  • Tami Glover my gf is very comfortable on the back she is 5'3" 120lbs on the small side.

  • I've seen a lot of cruiser to bagger conversions in my lengthy research on the Honda aero, some look good, some not so good. If you have a solid colored aero, I.e., black...go batwing fairing, lowering struts, spring solo seat, some HD hard bags and rock it! I think the wind deflection of the batwing fairing on the aero would be great but it takes a little away from the classic styling of the bike or its uniqueness? It is what it is. I think going to a roadking look with it, Harley style hard bags and some dually exhaust would look badass enough. As far as power, my wife and I tool all over gods green acre on ours w/o issue and without power issues. It does feel at times like I need to pull another gear...but, that's fixed by turning the throttle a bit more to get it to that happy place.

  • Just remember a HD has a singel pin crank.

  • I've heard good things about the stratoliner nice looks too!