Ok I finally have a video of the noise my engine is making It has made this...


Ok, I finally have a video of the noise my engine is making. It has made this noise for years. The previous owner who is an extremely good mechanic could not find it. The gentleman I took the bike to for repair who is a Honda specialist could not fix it. The noise does not happen when I am building speed but does when it levels off or ideling. Any clues?? 1984 V65 27,000 miles. perfect cosmetic condition. It has been well taken care of. Valves are tight, the tensioners are good. UGH

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  • Pull the valve covers and rotate the engine with a wrench. Hope you don't see squared off cam lobes and furrowed followers.

  • Welcome to the 80's

  • Cam chain

  • Had the very same noise on a bike thought valves tensioners etc turned out to be somewhere along the way the exhaust was off and they never put the gaskets back in there so ended up with that lovely little noise ment I paid a fraction what the bike was worth and a very cheap fix to stop annoying noise. It's worth a look see

  • So all you did was put gaskets back in the exhaust and it took care of the noise? That would be nice if that is what it was.

  • And was it the large muffler gasket or the actual exhaust gasket that you replaced??

  • Manifold gaskets but while yer at it seal everything up with silicone

  • Thank you Adrian! Will get r done

  • No bother lad hope it sorts it out for you

  • Ok...if you can isolate which bank...pull off a plug wire on thr cylinders one at a time..the offending hole if it is a connecting rod brg..the noise will stop...if it is a wrist pin/piston slap...it will remain or sometimes double its cadence

  • It's the slider that's go down into the engine . The one that you have to click in when you are innstalling the tensioner . That is my first thought or its just the tensioner itself that is not released. . Check that out first

  • It's most probably the slider not in the correct position down to the engine itself

    The one that needs a "click" when innstalling

  • Bottom line : it's just wrong installed. Happen all the time and very easy to do wrong

  • No5 into 11 and 13

  • You just have to feel it when innstalling and have to hear and feel

  • Yepp did it first time together with a mecanic and he say to me how easy it is to do it wrong

    Later I did it wrong in a 500 and had to take everything appart and do it again

    And I have that noise innstalled and saved in my brain

  • They must have !!

    If not , it must be something wrong with the tensioner.

    Due to that noise like I hear on my phone from that movie ! Is camchaine

  • But as you know I could be wrong . But I would have checked that first. And it will be worth it

  • Sounds cam chainey because of the rattle. You can further isolate the noise with an engine stethocope... AutoZone about $8.00

  • Very trud Dave. Sadly it is not the cam chain. First guy who heard the noise had all of that replace and the mechanic I took it too also said they were in great shape and proper tension. He looked at and tightened all valves. I am by no means a mechanic so I have to trust the words of others. I will absolutely get a stethoscope to help isolate it more. Thank you

  • It's the chain !

  • But I could be wrong. I could