OK I know this is a silly question so don t laugh please How do I get the...


OK I know this is a silly question so don't laugh (please). How do I get the license plate on? I have bolts that screw on but the frame on the motorcycle has these really big holes. So there's nothing to bolt the plate to. Am I missing a part or a back plate or something?

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  • For a backing of a license plate that no one sees you could totally make a perminent fix with a can.. just take a piece of paper make a template.. flatten a can and cut it out. No need to run to the store for anything and no reason to buy 20 bucks worth of honda oem stuff.. one option. I'm sure a quick walk through my garage could come up with numerous other options. More time chasing parts is more time not on the road. So... what's your solution? I'm understanding that the gap is larger than the bolts and if you modify the plate sometimes cops frown on that so bigger bolts may not work. I'm offering up a solution what about you?

  • If you poke a small x into the soup can with your leathermen knife you can slip the bolt through that and put a wing nut inside the can. Then the can will collect rain water that you can drink with a straw or in an emergency you can remove the can to patch another part until you can get another can. Brilliant.

  • That's funny.

  • Thanks, Kenny!

  • Got the parts, Kenny! Thanks, everyone!

  • No problem!

  • Easy-Peasy!!!!

  • Normally I'd enjoy the lance trashing but he was right

  • http://pdn1.vnexttech.com/hon/mfmc/14meg4e1/meg4f2 700c/assembly_files/9/0_0.png http://www.hondapartshouse.com/oemparts/a/hon/5053 fac8f870021c54be983a/taillight

  • I agree withlarger washers. Buy a good few they come in handy metal ones or rubber ones ... they will do the trick! I had my plate fall off. Added large washers ta da! Any hardware store sells them