Ok is the standard carb 18mm or 22mm

Ok is the standard carb 18mm or 22mm?

  • 22 on a ct110

  • The workshop manual i have says its 18mm, problem is the bike i'm working on came with a new carb 22C.

  • I have a mikuni VM22 on my new bike and the barrel is considerably larger than the stock carb, thus I think its probably 19mm

  • I can go home and measure to make sire on Sunday.

  • I'm curious if people are using the #80 main jet on a 18mm carb or 22mm carb.

  • Hold tight buddy, there are a few folks here who have done it so they'll pipe up eventually when they see this.

  • Ok so the manual says 18mm venturi, my 22mm carb has a 18mm slide so thats probably what they're refering to, the narrowest section . But they don't mention anything about it being 22mm with a 18mm venturi.