• Ok it s become painfully obvious that I m not going to be able to find a heel...

    Ok, it's become painfully obvious that I'm not going to be able to find a heel-toe shifter for my CT70 w/the Lifan 125...

    Is there anyone on here that could possibly sell me a modified one that will work with my setup please? If so, please PM me with details. I've already wasted too much time trying to find one that will work now...thanks for any help...

    • Pretty easy to just bend out the front part.

    • Ok, yeah except it's cast...haven't tried it yet because it's likely to crack.

      If it were as easy as bending it, I wouldn't be wasting everyone's time on here...it would've already been bent and installed. :)

    • I've bent them before. Maybe I had a different brand or something. If you can't use it as is, what have you got to lose? Apply a little heat and tweak it. It only needs to be bent a little bit.

    • Why do you want a heel toe shifter?

    • Because I want a heel-toe shifter. :)

      I really don't think that matters.

    • Out. Of. Stock.

      I appreciate the link, but I'd like to get one that will work relatively soon since I've already wasted an inordinate amount of time looking already. Really don't want to wait a few more months for them to get one in stock.

      That's why I was hoping someone on here might be able to sell me one that will work...I know I can't be the only one in this group with a CT70 w/Lifan 125 motor. :)

    • Tiffany...you sure do have an attitude problem...most of your posts are very snarky and angry...if you are looking for advice or help you should really consider changing your attitude...people want to help but your snippy attitude is getting old

    • Karl, I'm kinda guessing, but I believe she is in the military. Scuffed boots from using your toe to up shift isn't good.

    • ....gimme a heel-toe shifter,...dammit.

    • You need the pedal from an electric start 12v Cub.

    • Yes. Thank you, Mike.

      Whenever I've gotten into a conversation about this with others, it's turned out the nosy one asking why I wanted one just really wanted to try to convince me that I "shouldn't" want one and I just got sick of arguing about it anymore. It shouldn't matter why I want it. I don't know why that makes me "snarky" or "angry" any more than it makes someone a jerk for trying to make me justify why I want a heel-toe shifter.

      :) :) :) :) :) :)


    • PS.. Are you sure the one you've got is cast? Any I've seen on Cubs made since the mid 1960s are stamped mild steel pedal welded onto macined steel boss, and will bend easily to fit around the generator case.. I'll post a pic of mine (bent) below....

    • Sorry I can't find a close-up shot, but that's a 1980s Honda C90 pedal bent to fit closely to a Chinese engine case.

    • Here's an electric start one on ebay UK.. The mounting boss is longer than the kickstart version to put the pedal further from the case using the same gearchange shaft...

      I'm not sure if same was used on 12 volt C70 Passport in USA?

      http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HOND A-CUB-C90-GEAR-CHANGE-LEVER-FO R-ELECTRIC-START-MODELS-BRAND- NEW-/281420497728

    • I haven't got message requests Tiffany, and there's nothing in my messages.

    • Just had a look on US ebay.. This (from China) looks to be the same longer centre boss type.. Assuming the pic is actually of what they're selling!

      http://www.ebay.com/itm/Honda- Gear-Change-Lever-Pedal-Arm-Sh ift-Shifter-CT70-CL90-C70-C90- /151961959741?hash=item2361a37 d3d:g:O6wAAOSwQItT1RiK&vxp=mtr

    • Tiffany I haven't got a requests tab.. And my settings allow messages from strangers anyway.

    • I love the heel / toe pedal even on a manual clutch engine, but on the semi auto I think of them as essential for decent accurate clutch control. Re-engaging the clutch after a downchange by lowering your toe is rather unergonomic!