• Ok just looked at mine and mine is a 07 spirit and it s got fuel injection but...

    Ok just looked at mine and mine is a 07 spirit and it's got fuel injection but my question is it needs rejeting. How do I go about it now as I got a k&n filter on the way as well and it popping on deceleration so surely the filter is gonna make it worse

    • Reserve switch is usually carbed.. Injection should have a fuel gauge and low fuel light. Can't run injection out of fuel without possibly damaging the fuel pump.

    • Mine is an 08 as well. And I found out if I had waited for new 09s I could have gotten fuel injection. Although I like carb better most the time.

    • Shouldn't be popping if its fuel injected, the computer should compensate for increased air, now if the pipes are aftermarket, then you'll need a power commander. If it has carbs. Try adjusting fuel mixture screws out!

    • No choke FI on clocks and I can see the injectors

    • I took the baffles out and have ordered a k&n filter

    • Power commander?

    • Dynojet power commander or a cobra fi2000 tuner... They are programmers to remap your air fuel settings on fi

    • Oh cool I'll look in to that thanks

    • Can't find anything for my year this is gonna get costly

    • Seafoam and put 93 in it