Ok just wondering if anyone is having these problems Pic for your viewing...


Ok just wondering if anyone is having these problems. Pic for your viewing pleasure. Bought a brand new 2014 rancher 4x4 auto from my dealer last week with .2 miles on it. It will randomly shut off while driving. (motor stop running, gauges stay on) this has happened several times. Also it will lock it self in a gear. Can't shift up or down manually and when in auto the indicator screen has a ( - )symbol until I shut it off and turn it back on. Dealer is sending someone to pick it up today. This is the 2nd time in a week it has been to the dealer for these problems.

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  • Last time I checked orange is for Ranchers only.

  • They said they could change plastics. But I'd go for white.

  • White looks good.

  • This is the one I want.

  • Same

  • I'll post what I get.

  • It's your shift angle sensor had same problem on my 2015 420

  • They already replaced that.

  • I'll post a vid of what it did today

  • If it's still happening that sensor wasn't put in correctly it can be adjusted true pain