• Ok my 09 has started giving me a weird issue It starts and runs fine but ever...

    Ok my 09 has started giving me a weird issue. It starts and runs fine but ever so often I go to punch it and it won't take throttle, just acts like its running out of gas. If I let off it continues running fine but still won't take throttle. I can switch it off and start it back up and bam, runs flawlessly. I didn't notice this issue until I put the hmf swamp series on it if that has anything to do with it.

    • You might have to get the hmf optimizer

    • Yea but I would think that would cause issues all of the time.

    • IDK TBH I never had that problem

    • Did you tune the bike

    • Tune?

    • Set the bike were it runs right I thinks it's like the vaulve or somthing

    • If you don't it will do that espesily swamp series

    • What exactly are you talking about? Only tuning I know of would be if you got a power commander or optimizer. That's not the problem, if it were it wouldn't run right all the time.

    • I don't no I just no you have to I got a shop to do it for me