Ok Serious question about my mom s 1994 300 Fourtrax 2wd With it in neutral...


Ok. Serious question about my mom's 1994 300 Fourtrax 2wd. With it in neutral when you mash the start button it does nothing doesn't click or anything. Fresh battery and the neutral light comes on. It was all working 2 days ago. Also it won't stay running at an idle and idles high then cuts off. Anybody have any idea?

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  • Ecu could be bad, mine did the same thing, look under the front plastic, there's a little rectangle looking thing with a a lot of wires coming out of it, that's the ecu, unplug it and pull it out of the the rubber piece that holds it in place, smell were you unplugged all the wires and if it smells burnt or smelled weird than 9/10 it's your ecu causing the problem, and if it is bad, check your rectifier under your left rear fender, unbolt it and see if there's any cracked or holes in it, that's what caused mine to go bad

  • Also check all the fuses.

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  • If this is a new battery you just put on you will have power to lights, but you need to fully charge new battery. May not have enough juice.

  • I didn't put it in it. She just got it back from the shop 2 days ago.

  • Said they charged her $400 and All I can see that was done was a new air filter.

  • 300s were bad for burning ecus it got to a point that it would even burn a hole if 1 the battery was shot or 2 the regulator rectifier was bad. Also does the neutral light flicker when you touch the starter button or if you have headlights on do the lights go off when you hold the starter button

  • Nothing happens when you hit the start button.

  • Pm or text me Cody Patrick 4439446178

  • Sell your polaris it may start working, hondas have attitudes.

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