Ok So all the bobbers are awesome What do I do New cool seat What about the...


Ok. So all the bobbers are awesome! What do I do? New cool seat. What about the rear fender? What/where do I go to fill the holes, or a new one or what?

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  • bluecollarbobbers.com

  • Thanks @floydodell

  • I got $8 in a taillight and shit laying around the garage here

  • Ya. See them for like 20 bucks. Then notch the fender a few times to shape to tire the tac it up

  • A lot of these mods don't pass inspection in my state.

  • No inspection here

  • LaRosa seat (check ebay), needs some extra hardware. Tail lights and signals also from ebay. We didn't fill the holes in the rear fender, but instead covered them with a foam rubber sticker-type thing, and covered that with a rack. At some point I might get the fender redone, or get a new bobber fender, but it does look pretty good! I also got new (yet retro) Rebel decals from ebay, but that will ultimately require a tank repainting.