Ok So here s my delimma I d like to turn my 01 Spirit into a bagger I ve seen...

Ok. So here's my delimma, I'd like to turn my 01 Spirit into a bagger. I've seen a few pictures and heard storied of people who have actually done it, but I can not, for the life of me, find any aftermarket fenders online. My question, Is there anyone in this group that has done this or knows someone who has, and where have they gotten there supplies from?

  • most of it, really all of it is pure custom fabrication my friend..buy it and alter it #MakeItFit

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  • There are a few who modified and customized HD parts and worked out well. Wanted to try myself but my 94 vlx600 might be too small. Mini bagger

  • Still working on mine

  • Roger that!!