ok so i have an 06 1300c but it is in Alabama I want to get a second bike to...


ok so i have an 06 1300c, but it is in Alabama. I want to get a second bike to keep in Texas. so since I already have an X that is for my dad and I to do rides on, and I have always wanted a dual sport bike I have two I am looking at.

#1 02 V-storm 1000

#2 09 KLR 650

I am a bigger guy so i kinda need a bigger bike... leaning towards the V-storm but what do y'all think? i have always wanted a good on and off road bike.... so hard to choose!!!

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  • I'd go with the vstorm my buddy has one down in Costa Rica. I ride it everytime I go out there very nice bike

  • how is it off road?

  • Excellent over there it's alot of dirt and gravel he basically lives up in the jungle only good roads are basically they highways over there

  • His is a 650

  • Jesse Zamarripa to me it seems like more of a street touring bike than a street off-road bike

  • Got nice vstrom650 up for grabs pm if interested 13k miles

  • Alejandro Cantarini I'm thinking KLR for now but thanks though