Ok so I m extremely close to the old F ITS need to know where to find the...


Ok......so I'm extremely close to the old "F ITS".......need to know where to find the regulator on my old 1989 Ct110. Advice was that mine needed replacing because I'm blowing bulbs so got one....just can't find where to find it on my bike. Any help would be grateful

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  • I'm so so confused....this was supposed to be a quick, cheap and EASY way to get me to and from......so far honestly nothing but dramas. Where is the stator??

  • the stator is the windings inside the flywheel

  • All sounds double Dutch to me mate

  • bit late in the day to help you out now, are you home during the week?

  • PM me if you want help, OK

  • Just talk to the guy you bought the part from

  • That's a 6v rectifier for earlier 80's models, I got one on my 82 model, red and white 2 wires, yours should be a 4 wire 12v system

  • 89 still 6v, the the one in the pic i posted further up is for 6v

  • Ah k, wasn't sure what year they went to 12v thought it was earlier

  • Must be the 6v points ignition that use the 2 pin rectifier and the 6v cdi use the 4 pin.

  • Darren, in your personal opinion, what do you think I need to do to get this problem fixed???

  • Take it to someone that knows what they're doing. Its a lot easier when you have the bike in front of you.

  • Where does the rectifier go??

  • Its for a earlier model with a different wiring loom

  • Take a photo of the left side of the motor

  • I did a check around, it seems 86 on has a 5 pin regulator /rectifier. The plug has 6 slots with 5 wires going into it

    Easy enough to test it with a multimeter that has a diode test function.

  • Call me can do it for you. PMed my phone number

  • Thanks mate!! My neighbour has a multimeter and a bit of electrical knowledge.

  • Some idiot decided to paint over the wires.....

  • Ok definitely a 6v cdi motor

  • That's the regulator

  • I'll test it this afternoon and hopefully it's faulty......

  • Thanks so much everyone!! This community is awesome! Couldn't be as close to finding a solution without you all

  • Which bulbs are blowing?

  • Only headlight/taillight globes...really dull and as I rev they get white bright and blow

  • From what I can gather....all the charge flows to the regulator and it keeps the voltage at 6volts.

  • Not for the headlight though, that runs straight off the stator before the regulator/rectifier.

  • Stator..........any ideas on where to find a cheap one?? Rewound?? This is getting ridicuous

  • Suggest you test stator first, youtube has good examples how. Make sure your battery circuitry is in good order, good clean earth, clean connections like the fuse, is it blown? It appears that the battery on these bikes acts as a regulator to take in surplus power on the lighting circuit.

  • Thanks Patrick!!